2015 e-Golf – On Vortex

2015 e-Golf - On Vortex
2015 e-Golf details on VWVortex – None for you Canada! Details and pricing for the 2015 e-Golf have been released on VWVortex. The 2015 e-Golf starts at $34,445 USD in the SEL Premium model which is the only trim level available at this time. Like the rest of the 2015 Golf’s, the e-Golf is built on the MQB (Modular ...

Mikes S!@# Don’t Stink

Mikes S!@# Don't Stink
Mike Barcalow sent me this the other day and I thought it was pretty damn funny. Worth a watch.

2015 Jetta – Full Specs and Pricing – Canadian Market

2015 Jetta - Full Specs and Pricing - Canadian Market
2015 Jetta – Canadian Market Volkswagen Canada has officially released an Order Guide complete with pricing for the 2015 Jetta. It appears as though we now have an automatic gearbox available in the the base Trendline model as well. The 2015 Jetta now comes standard with a Premium 8 Radio (RCD-510) which includes a 6-disc ...

Golf Wagon Wolfsburg Edition

Golf Wagon Wolfsburg Edition
Golf Wagon Wolfsburg Edition – Thanks VW In strangely exciting Volkswagen News, Volkswagen has given us a Wolfsburg Golf Wagon (Jetta Sport Wagon). This news is for us Canadians as I have been informed by Mike Barcalow at Luther Burnsville Volkswagen that the US market did not receive a Wolfsburg version. As described in the ...

Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept – Closer to Existence.

Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept - Closer to Existence.
Volkswagen announces new CrossBlue SUV to be built in Chattanooga plant. Early last week, Volkswagen divulged more information regarding what is being called the Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept. The announcement was broadcasted from Volkswagen’s ‘Mobile Life Campus’ that they would also be launching a new Research and Development Center with the primary focus of expediting  the ...

Back in Action!

Back in Action!
After a two month battle with the rights to about 50% of the images used on this blog, I now have the green light to continue on. I don’t want to go in to too much detail and bore you all but a good number of the images on this blog are stock photo’s. Although ...

MVOC 2014 – Photo’s

MVOC 2014 - Photo's
Had a great time at MVOC this year as always. For those of you who don’t know, MVOC is a Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche Rally that starts in Truro, NS and ends in Moncton, NB. This is followed by a car show the next day at Rotary Park in Dieppe, NB and then of course, an after party. ...

Powerful Ad from Volkswagen

Powerful Ad from Volkswagen
Distracted Driving     Volkswagen in Hong Kong recently did an experiment that caught many movie-goers by surprise. The MCL Cinema in Hong Kong was outfitted with a location-based broadcaster that had the ability to text everyone in the theater at the same time! This is a powerful message and it really puts in to ...


2015 GTI vs. Audi TT Here’s the latest from our good friend Mike Barcalow from Luther Burnsville VW. He puts the 2015 GTI against the Audi TT. Although the cars share the same 2.0 TSI Engine, they are two very different beasts. If you haven’t had a chance to drive the new GTI yet, it ...

The New 1.8TSI – Premium or Regular

The New 1.8TSI - Premium or Regular
.87 Octane For the 1.8TSI I have been hearing a lot of rumors lately about the 1.8TSI being a negative replacement for the outgoing 2.5L because it requires Premium fuel. Although I think this in an insane reason to talk down an amazing engine, I have to clarify that this is simply not the case. ...