Official: VW will not import the Amarok midsize truck to the US 21

Jonathan Browning president and CEO of Volkswagen of Amercia said in a web cast to employees that the Amarok is not coming to the US. Current regulation known as the chicken tax  would force VW to price its midsize truck at full size truck prices. One doesn’t need to be a financial expert to realize that that’s a recipe for sales disaster. Another powerful reason, is automakers like Ford who now sells a F150 with downsized powertrains priced very closed to mid size trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier.


In my opinion VW has other product oportunities to worry about other than the mid size truck segment. We desperatly need a mid size SUV with a third row seat and perhaps a car cheaper than the Jetta and Golf to battle the likes of the new Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent. So long Amarok we hardly knew you.



21 thoughts on “Official: VW will not import the Amarok midsize truck to the US

  1. clark inthedark Jan 25,2012 11:29 pm

    I couldn't agree more with you assessment. The truck market is saturated with little room for differentiation. And I agree that introducing a subcompact would be a great idea (VW if you're reading this: Polo please!). They've got some good models that can compete in this segment, like the 75+ MPG Polo. For heaven's sake, that's be a home run! Also, a SUV with a third row would be great!

  2. LMGS Jan 26,2012 12:01 am

    Build in here, like Toyota and Nissan do..

    Or don't, but they should bring over something cheaper than the Golf..

  3. Mikey Jan 26,2012 12:56 am

    Bring on the Polo!

  4. Notch Johnson Jan 26,2012 1:24 pm

    well said in your article…bring on the third row suv and sub compact below the golf. this thing would just confuse Americans anyway as its so outside of what they think of when they think VW

  5. Bo Jan 26,2012 3:31 pm

    I would love to own a Amarok, build it in the US and it could take over the mid sized truck market… There is nothing close in MPG and the tow rating with the new 8speed auto and 180hp 310ft.lbs is 7000 lbs., what else could a person want?

  6. clark inthedark Jan 27,2012 4:51 am

    I saw several Amaroks in Argentina. Neat truck. I think there's a factory there.. or next door in Brazil.

  7. Fritz May 17,2012 5:04 pm

    I saw a lot of the Amaroks in Haiti. It’s a very nice truck and of course from VW.

  8. Gregory May 17,2012 11:38 pm

    Saviero is a vehicle that stands apart from trucks sold in USA and Canada. I’d prefer the Saviero over the too large Amarok.

    Up is the VW needed below the Jetta and Golf. I agree it would be nice to have the Polo. Problem is the current Jetta is positioned at too low of a price for the base models.

  9. Duug May 18,2012 6:58 am

    “….desperatly need a mid size SUV with a third row seat”

    Why does every vehicle need to have the features of the larger types? The 3rd rows are always nearly useless and are only for marketing reasons. VW is taking the more logical approach. If folks need more passenger room, select a larger vehicle, not a compromised smaller one.

    “…a car cheaper than the Jetta and Golf to battle the likes of the new Kia Rio and Hyundai Accent.”

    Does VW need to lower it’s market position with this type of vehicle? At the pricing required for the USA market, VW would be loosing money or the car would have to be far below usual VW standards in content and quality. Leave the marginal vehicles to the marginal companies.

  10. GG May 18,2012 10:22 am

    VW California is a must have for another generation!

  11. rocektred May 18,2012 11:12 am

    Yes, a third row is fit only for children in a very narrow age range, i.e., mosly useless. You can’t but a childseat back there. In any case, it’s also unsafe. I would never put my daughter 2 feet from the tailgate as in the Mazda 5. However, you need it to sell SUVs because people are buying these in lieu of minivans. Also I believe VW is getting rid of that Chysler van. So its a necessity now. VW needs something to compete with the Santa Fe, etc. Because when children evict owners from their GTI’s they need something to get into that is not a van.

  12. Matt May 18,2012 12:32 pm

    I couldnt agree with Jay more, you could have some strong sales with the Amarok but it would be priced out of the market, now if VW was to bring it, it has one major advantage over any other midsize truck or even half ton full size trucks…Diesel power, but I still dont think it would be a good move to bring it here.

    As for the small car, the Polo is a good choice, bring it here with the Polo GTI 1.4TSI and the 1.6TDI and you will have a car that will fight and beat out the competition like the chevy spark and other small cars

  13. dubfun May 18,2012 11:52 pm

    Polo GTI!! 0 to 62 in 6.9 seconds and it is closer in spirit to the original GTI.

  14. Scott May 21,2012 8:58 am

    Diesel will be a better option in 2014-15, when Europe emissions meet our diesel emissions.

  15. Nate May 21,2012 2:58 pm

    What VW needs to do instead of a 3rd row SUV is dig up their old Microbus concept, merge it with their recent Bulli concept, and develop a production model with seating for 7. I guarantee that thing would drive more sales than a VW clone of a Audi Q7.

  16. Marvb May 22,2012 10:40 am

    I would love a mid size diesel truck.

  17. Christian Duclos May 27,2012 9:07 pm

    I would love to see a truck like that sold here in Canada I thing we don’t have the Chicken tax here we buy more Diesel per capita than the USA we got some car here that in the us they never got like the vw Passat Syncro Golf and Jetta City Eurovan Diesel and the sale of quarter ton truck sell more here than the us an example of car that sell more is hatch back cars and a other car you did not get it the Diesel Smart car it is just example that our market is a little different than the Us market if we get it here then I don’t think you guy’s would have any problems buying them from us for the VW fans how want a VW truck I don’t see why Mexican can afford a Amarok more than the rest of America. just my two cent.

  18. cynical Jun 2,2012 6:50 pm

    Diesel Tiguan Manual Transmission.

  19. francis Jun 26,2012 9:08 am

    where there’s a will, there’s a way as the saying goes. and i don’t think vw is doing enough. if ford can outsmart the chicken tax when importing the transit connect from turkey, vw can do the same with the amarok specially now that they have a plant at chattanooga. they can bring it in as a ckd and assemble it here. chrysler did the same with dodge sprinter. they can save a lot since auto components aren’t taxed and they can pass on the savings to customers. after all, the law, afaik, only prohibits vehicles whose primary purpose is to move people such as passenger vans. decontenting and sucking out the german in their current models is not enough. vw needs to think outside the box if they want to succeed in their quest for world domination.

  20. Tim Hawk Jun 29,2012 5:32 am

    Why on Earth, is it not being heard or supported by our congress the need and functionality of a diesel economical vehicle like this Amarok by VW… I would by one tomorrow if it arrived this evening… VW… are you listening? You have a plant here in Ohio that would love to build them for you… VW… are you listening?

    Is my mic. on? Can anyone hear me out there… Why aren’t they responding? Hello!

  21. JPino Aug 27,2012 8:43 pm

    Would love to purchase a light truck clean diesel. My wife and I love our new TDI sports wagon Jetta. My Tacoma gets about 20 miles to the gallon. Thats not good enough and thats the best available. Please produce/sell this vehicle here in the states. I will buy one tomorrow if available.

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